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Kotarou Fuma (風魔 小太郎 Fūma Kotarō) is a character in the Donten ni Warau series.


Kotarou is a prisoner at the Gokumonjo unbeknownst to neither the Kumō family nor the Yamainu, otherwise known as the Orochi Extermination Squad. He is also Shirasu Kinjou ’s twin brother. Along side his twin brother, they secretly seek the Orochi's vessel and welcome the Orochi himself.


Kotarou has a pony-tail. His white hair is wavy like his twin brother's. He wears a fox mask, and has a scar on the right side of his face and body.


Kotarou is quiet and mysterious. He is persuasive, just like his older brother. Kotarou also has a childish side to him. He gets lonely easily and can also be quite insecure.


To Shirasu: “I want to become a Fuuma.”

To Shirasu: “You are me.”

To the Fuuma: “From now on, we are the head. The two of us are the tenth head, Fuuma Kotarou.”

To Shirasu: “I’m the only one who can bring out your talents, and the only one that can bring out mine, is you.”

To Shirasu: “With you, me, and the Orochi, the world will know the Fuuma name once more. The age of the Shinobi will return.”

To Shirasu (referring to Nishiki): “You entrusted that girl to support the Kumo brothers, who had been betrayed by ‘Shirasu.’ In your place, did you not?”

To Shirasu: “Ever since you entered the Kumo household, you’ve changed. I’m somewhat concerned that your sympathies may have shifted.”

To Shirasu: “In the worst case scenario, so long as you live on, the Fuuma will not die.”

To Shirasu: “I felt uneasy. That eventually, the day that you abandon the Fuuma will come.”

To Shirasu: “You were with the Kumo for ten years because of the plan. And each time you came to the condemned prison gate, you had changed. You were able to smile. Your face had softened. I almost asked, many times, ‘Who are you?’”

To himself: “The Fuuma Clan. The revival of the clan is our sole objective. But I haven’t the talent to be head. It is my other self who should lead the Fuuma.”

To Shirasu: “With my other half, for the first time, I took my place with the Fuuma. But you don’t need my help to be the head.”

To Tenka and Sousei (referring to Shirasu): “To the Fuuma…and to him, you are seeds of chaos. Wither along with me.”

Trivia Edit

During his stay in Gokumonjo, he had many habits:

-If he woke up in a bad mood, he would kill the guard who woke him

-He ate all of the sweet food, but refused to eat vegetables

-He was allowed to leave the cell at nighttime. However, he would get lost. The guards would have to go out and look for him because he would not be back the following morning

-He insisted on not going to bed until Shirasu came to see him