Naoto Kagami (嘉神 直人, Kagami Naoto) is a character of the Donten ni Warau series.


Kagami is said to be from a fishing family in the Choshu Domain's countryside. Kagami's teacher from school left a deep impression on him. After studying at the Seizan school, Kagami became a "fanatical advocate of imperial rule and expulsion of foreigners." After leaving the Choshu Domain, Kagami arrived in the Shiga Precfecture. At some point, he directed his hostility towards the new government and returned to killing.

Trivia Edit

  • Kagami is ambidextrous, with surprising arm strength despite his slim figure.
  • Kagami's over-entrusted words, actions, and killing caused him to be cut off from his comrades.
  • Kagami's school of training is unknown.
  • Kagami's sword is called the Dodomeki.

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